iPhone Tips: Creating New Pinterest Pins

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I get really excited when I can share iPhone tips with other people. Like, silly excited because it’s usually something that’s taken me some time to figure out and I love being able to share so that other people don’t have to spend an equal amount of time trying to figure it out for themselves.


Quite possibly my favorite of iPhone tips is for creating new pins on Pinterest using your phone.  While the Pinterest app is amazing for looking at what’s being pinned and repinning to my heart’s content, creating new pins isn’t an option there and that’s what I tend to do more often than not.  (Some great reasons to make new pins rather than re-pinning things can be found in this post by my friend Wendy about cleaning up your Pinterest boards.)

To find the secret of creating new pins on the iPhone, I consulted my all time favorite reference (The Google) and found this post and this post. And then I kept this most magical of iPhone tips under my hat for a week or so, just to make sure worked consistently and wasn’t a ginormous pain in the ass.

Ready to learn how it’s done? Great.

iPhone Tips: Installing Pin It Bookmarklet

To get started, you’ll need access to two things from your iPhone:

  • the code below
  • a random bookmark within Safari that you can open to edit.

Got it? Then let’s move on.

1. Open Safari and select the bookmark icon.


2. Tap Edit at the bottom left of the screen.


3. Select the bookmark you set aside earlier.


4. Edit the title of the bookmark to something you’ll remember like “Pin It”.  Paste the code from above in the address field. Tap done to save.


5. Tap done on the next two screens to return to your Safari window.

iPhone Tips: Using the Pin It Bookmarklet

1. In Safari, navigate to the page you want to pin and tap the bookmark icon.


2. Tap the “Pin it” bookmark.


3. Select the photo you’d like to use for your pin.


4. At this point, your iPhone will probably have to think for a few seconds. Eventually, though, you’ll get to the next screen where you can choose your board and rename the pin if you want.


5. There will be another pause here for some across the interwebs magic.


5. Once you see the screen below, you’re all done.


Pretty simple, right? This will also work for your iPad or other iDevices. Another of my favorite iPhone tips, if you have your bookmarks set up to sync across devices, you’ll only need to do that first part once.

So what are you waiting for? Start pinning!!

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  1. Hi….I came across your blog while surfing around for a fix to my problem. I’ve been pinning from my iPhone for a while now without any issues and I love it. However for the last couple days my pins have not been linking back to the original post, instead it says uploaded by user which is not accurate. I contacted Pinterest but have not heard back from them as of yet. I’m wondering if any other iPhone pinners are experiencing the same thing??

    • I just added this “Pin it” button to my phone & noticed the same thing…when you click on picture that is suppose to take you to website…it doesn’t! I added web address in my comments but that could become a pain!

      • You’re right it is doing that, but I’m pretty sure it didn’t always. I’m going to have to play with it a bit to find out why. If you’re on the Pinterest site (rather than in the app), you can go in and Edit the pin to add the link, but that’s definitely a PITA. Thanks for pointing out the issue.

        • It definitely was not doing that before. It just started a few days ago. And it’s only when pinning from the iPhone. Glad to know its not just me. Ugh I hope this problem works itself out soon…it’s quite annoying. If I hear back from the Pinterest peeps or find a fix I’ll keep ya posted!

    • I just discovered the same problem yesterday. Saw nothing on the app store comments about it. Royal pain! I no longer know the source of the pin, and anyone following gets no info, just a picture! I’m going to leave a comment on all store now. Glad it’s not just me!

    • This has been happening to me also …. I thought it was something that I did because I had pinned from my camera and that was when my problem started… I have emailed pinterest several times but no response…. This is the first I could find on the internet that others are having the same problem… I don’t know where to go from here..

  2. oops, sorry I forgot to thank you some much for this step by step tutorial! I greatly appreciate it!

  3. I am having the same issue! I tried deleting bookmark and reinstalling but still doesn’t work. They used to have instructions on the pinterest help page about how to install pin it button for iPhone but now those are gone too, so I’m wondering what’s up. I have been searching google for any solutions and this is the first place I have found where other people are having same issue! I hope it’s fixed soon!!

    • I just looked up instructions for pinning from iPhone and as you said they’re gone … Just instructions on how to add a pin it button to ones website… This started for me 9 days ago… I have a bad feeling it’s an Apple ‘thing’… Hope not..

  4. I just tried this on my iPhone and it’s not working. :( is it still working for everyone else?

    • Still not working :( . I have emailed pinterest twice and no reply.

      • This is so interesting to me. I double checked the Ziplist version and it definitely works so it’s for sure a Pinterest issue rather than an Apple issue. I wonder if it has something to do with whatever they are doing to the links on the back end . . .

        • Not working yet for me as well. I have to go back to the pin & edit it to add the link. Which is a pain in the ass. I also have tried to contact Pinterest with no luck whatsoever. I barely pin on the iPhone anymore cause it takes twice as long.

  5. I installed the bookmarklet in the same manner you describe. It worked for me just a few minutes ago. Good luck and happy pinning! :-)


    • Looks like the problem has been fixed…all links are now shown!! Happily pinning away on my iPhone again! Yay!

    • I just reinstalled the bookmark and it’s working for me as well! Glad they fixed the bug! Now if only the app will stop crashing…

  6. You can also use a similar approach to set this up on an iPad mini / iPad. If you have a Mac, iCloud would be the quickest method to transfer the bookmark to your iOS device.
    Lorenzo recently posted…dotdotdot Bookmarklet for iPadMy Profile


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