I think I’m in love.

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Have you ever picked up an article of clothing and never wanted to put it down because it was so soft and amazing? Have you ever had that experience and then been disappointed to discover that it was for kids and you’d never have a chance to wear it? Yeah, that was me last night.

I was invited {by the lovely Valerie} to attend a store opening event at the beautiful new Hanna Andersson store in the Shops at Mission Viejo. Apparently, I had been living under a rock because before I was invited to this event, I had no idea who or what Hanna Andersson was and it seems that they have been around a while. The minute I walked into that store last night, I knew we were going to be friends.

Seriously, the only time I have ever run into kids clothes that even come close to the Hannas in quality are the ones that my father-in-law’s family brought Joey from Italy a couple of years ago. The way that clothes are made in Europe is just so different and that’s what is so cool about the Hannas – they are made in that exact style. They use amazing fabrics and the craftsmanship is, well, awesome.

My only complaint about the Hannas {other than the fact that they’re a touch pricey} is that the boys line is not nearly as comprehensive or cute as the girls. I mean, I know that’s a general complaint for most brands of clothes, but it’s significant to me. Luckily, I was told by one of the Hanna reps that an expanded boys line would be forthcoming so I’m looking forward to that with baited breath.

In addition to being introduced to the Hanna Andersson brand, I also had the exciting opportunity to meet some local bloggers {Jamie, Alma, Romina}. It turned out to be an great night and I’m so, so glad I decided to go!

{I was in no way compensated for this post. All ramblings and opinions are my own.}

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