Flashback: Mommy & Luke

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When I read Melissa’s mommy and me post for this week, it was like flashing back to my own reflections just before Luke was born. I was so worried that there just wasn’t enough of mommy to go around – I’ve written a little about that here and here.

Nearly two years later, I’m pretty confident that we all survived the transition. Albeit begrudgingly at times, Joey made room in our lives for his brother and Luke squeezes right in where he can. We spend as much one-on-one time with the boys as we are able, but also put major focus on time spent as a family of four.

I’m certainly not saying we don’t have our rocky moments – times when the boys battle it out to see who can sit closest to mommy – but those are pretty rare. They seem to know how to take turns and, even better, have an innate sense of who needs my attention the most at any given moment.

Really, the world is a better place with two little boys than it ever was with one. I feel like I have more patience and more focus (out of necessity, no doubt). We play and laugh and act silly together in a way Joey and I never did before Luke. I’ve said it a million times before – he makes us who we were meant to be as a family.

{Linking up for Toddle Along Tuesday. I’ll be co-hosting with Melissa next week so be sure and cstop by to hear about all the unconventional toys in our house!}

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  1. Thank you, I needed to read this. So glad that you think the world is better with two ;)

  2. Ditto Melissa! So glad to hear a mom on the other-side, and how it all worked out!

  3. I love this. <3

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