Menu Plan Monday {and a recipe}


There are 7 weeks until BlogHer ’12 and I have a weight loss milestone that I’d really like to hit before then. 10 pounds in 7 weeks? It will be tough, but I’m thinking it’s doable with a little planning and a lot of dedication. Here’s the plan for this week: Breakfasts Steel cut oats with coconut milk and bananas Egg sandwich {egg, LF cheese, sandwich thin} Smoothie {protein powder, coconut milk, fruit} Lunches Salad with chicken breast Cottage cheese {Read More}

#iwillrockthis: Week 4 Wrap Up

Week 4 was kind of a blur that ended on a bad note. I did really well all week and then the weekend hit. In fact, at my Weight Watchers weigh in on Friday, I was down SEVEN pounds from the week before. I’m sure most of that was water but it was still an awesome confidence boost. I also walked a 10K on Monday which I am blaming for the weight I gained between last week and this one {Read More}

#iwillrockthis: Week 3 Wrap Up

In the interest of full disclosure, I will go ahead and admit that I didn’t really get back on track until Saturday of this past week. When I did my weekly Weight Watchers weigh in on Friday at work, I was shocked to see the number on the scale. I was up something like 4 pounds from the previous week. While it’s likely that some or all of that wasn’t REAL weight gain, it was a reality check for sure. {Read More}

#iwillrockthis: Week 3


This is how I feel right now. It’s been a rough week or two. I’m down 2 lbs overall, but still. Between a nasty stomach bug (possible ulcer?) and a kerbillion family events, my focus just hasn’t been on the challenge where it belongs. I was WAY at the bottom of the standings for week one and the competitor in me was not pleased. But then life hit. Week two’s standings aren’t out yet, but I’m hopeful I didn’t drop {Read More}

#iwillrockthis: In the beginning . . .

One of my goals for 2012 was to lose 20 pounds. I made really good progress on that for the first six{ish} weeks of the year, but I have stalled since then. I’m still down 5 pounds from where I started but that’s probably a small miracle given the bad eating/no exercise habits I’ve fallen back into. When my friend Wendy posted about her #iwillrockthis challenge, I was hesitant to step up and join. I waited so long to decide {Read More}